Occupation: Husband, Father (of 3) and Vice President at The Abbey Group, a real estate development and management company

CrossFitting Since: Fall 2010

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Diane or anything heavy or with handstand push ups

shane row

Favorite CrossFit WOD Song: Like Shorty, Black and Yellow – it brings back fond memories of my early days at the old gym with Stacey, Ron, Justin, Haley and Erika the stalker.

Cheat Meal of Choice: The list is too long and I don’t eat very clean to begin with, but my top 5 are chips (any kind but barbecue potato chips are my favorite), pizza, donuts, chicken parmesan from Paparazzi and tater tots.

Greatest CrossFit Achievement So Far: Turning others onto CrossFit while avoiding the preacher approach. I have gotten my wife (Jessica), sister, sister-in-law and my good friend Tom (you all know him – he is the tall loud guy in the mornings!) all CrossFitting!

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit: Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I am short. On a more serious note, during and after college I did a lot of rock and ice climbing and had the good fortune to climb all over the US. I spent a period of time in Yosemite and climbed some very famous routes. Jess and I actually met in North Conway, NH and got to know each other stuck on a belay ledge on a climb called Thin Air. A year later I proposed to her on that same ledge and the rest is history!

Complete the sentence: “CrossFit should…” make you lay on your back in a puddle of sweat, bleeding, dizzy and nauseous, thinking to yourself what the fuck just happened and when can I do it again!

Why do you CrossFit: To look good naked…hasn’t happened yet but I am not giving up!


Favorite CrossFit Moment: This past Thanksgiving we were down in PA at my dad’s house and my sister, Jess and I got to workout together at CrossFit Newtowne. It was the first time I had ever worked out with Jess and it was awesome!