Here at CrossFit Fenway, we say we are “Forging Powerful Athletes Through Conscious Choice”. What that means is that we are providing coaching, training, facilities, and a methodology that is unparalleled in its ability to generate measurable results in improved performance and health… and that the only way for you to obtain those results in full measure is to choose it. To get the most from your training, you must align your actions with your intentions, you must choose the harder path, you must face your fears and weaknesses. Above all you are called upon to love yourself, accept yourself as you are now, and choose right now to change who you will be tomorrow.

We are proud of the members who choose it hardest. These members of CrossFit Fenway are not elite athletes because of genetic advantage or specialized equipment. They are elite because they train with the most effective methodology for General Physical Preparedness – and they do it consciously, choosing each day to put forth their maximum effort with integrity and determination. They choose it by pushing each workout as hard as they can. They choose it by aligning their dietary choices with their fitness goals. They choose it by rearranging their schedules, waking up early, or staying late; doing whatever it takes to create the reality they want for themselves.

These are the athletes of CrossFit Fenway: stories, goals, struggles, triumphs, and results. We are honored to know you, and it’s our privilege to help you get where you want to go.

We invite you to celebrate them with us.

February 2010: Jonathan J. Wellemeyer

March 2010: Andrea Tripp

April 2010: Nick Krohn

June 2010: Claire Savage

October 2010: Justin Shaughnessy

December 2010: Kristin Pineo

Dan Phipps

Shane Baron

Cal & Shorty

Julie Walker